Thursday, 3 April 2014

Just sharing...................

 Hope you don't mind me sharing my current experiments.......
its so cold and the air is polluted so I have not gone running, just come in from work.....prepared tea then painted till the light faded on me.

 I don't always like what I make or what I paint, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't and I find playing works best for me, until I finally feel guilty at wasting time....but my excuse is that I am currently working at school so I have an income and I shall not feel too guilty.... I think I best go make the bed though before willing  ha ha ..

Lots of hugs xxxxx

Friday, 28 March 2014

Getting there.....

Please don't feel you have to comment...I  just wanted to show you some of the progress of simple acrylic  painting and thought it would be interesting for you to see how it progressed before I got fed up of it and started something else......its sunny outside and the call of the land as always wins.... on go my running shoes ha ha  xxxx

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Work in progress............

We build our lives on love, love for others, love for our Gods, love for gentle ways...  and the days are precious.  As we move along that very love supports us, it lights and guides our way. Spring blossoms fall and dance around my running feet, replacing the frost and fallen leaves, I find myself waiting with urgency for the beginnings of warmth and blue sky that comes together with the leaves on the trees.  I just want to lie on the grass and watch the clouds pass me by....

I am just starting a painting and thought I would share the work in progress while Mumford and sons whisper their wonderful music to me...back to my brushes and paints.......................

Dance in the blossoms Love Lynn xxx

Sunday, 9 February 2014

So much beauty.................

My mind is an anathema to me
Stillness has descended like dying birds upon the torpor of my soul.
I have become lost within lonely thoughts empty of creation,
rust has settled upon the ice in them and will not surrender.

Fire burns a cold flame and night descends

My grace is lost,

I am lost

LB xxx

My Birds...................

Unable to do much at all with a bad back (not even sit at my computer) I knew that my drawing and then some embroidery would take away the boredom of pain and pass by the hours......

Birds fascinate me, but even more so when they have left our place of their exquisite song and elegant flight remains their own stilled beauty. A moment of final rest shows us the still beauty of their feathers and form....I have tried to capture the magic of this in my drawing and my embroidery's , I cannot do justice to the wonderful feathered creatures laying still beside me but I can pass the hours in reverence and admiration of their precious and fleeting lives .
With love

Sunday, 12 January 2014

These are the days of miracles and wonders........

The land is bare her ancient tracks and paths easy to see and follow now.

 A  solitude and peace have descended both on the land and in my soul and I feel I have been given January as a precious gift, a balm for my soul. In honour of this gift and the joy it gives, I shall keep our food plain and simple, I shall not go to the shops, there are no material things I wish to buy, I think this year I shall decline from buying anything new, I really have enough and would rather enjoy not being sucked in to the commercial aspects of life. The time gained from not wondering the shops  is amazing, its lovely to have whole weekends with time for family and other interests.

I quite relish sitting and painting when my jobs are done, lighting the fire and finding a cosy corner to read some fabulous books
can I recommend a few things....

Essie Fox  Elijahs Mermaid
Longbourn Jo Baker
The Fall of Light  Niall Williams

can I recommend
Mumford and Sons

Can I recommend the joy and peace of January
Love Lynn xxxx

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Sprinkling the Magic

Some small pictures of home.... the smell of baking.... and beeswax polish...

The sound of carols and laughter....

The joy, the love, the gratitude.
 I cannot say thank you enough for all of these gifts.

Last of all the pleasure of wishing you my fabulous friends and your precious family's
a wonderful and  magical Christmas Holiday.
Lynn xxx